Javes Lewis 12:14 PM (0 minutes ago) to me

1 O   M I N U T E   F I X

Check out Javes’ newest program, 10 Minute Fix. We get it, you don’t necessarily always have the time (or the desire) to go to the gym. 

That’s where 10 Minute Fix comes in.


Sports Performance

Programs for  athletes at all levels. Speed & agility, position training, weight training, nutrition and more.

Private Training

Customized workouts for youth and adults in one-on-one or small group sessions.

10 Minute Fix Workouts

Get more results in less time. Supercharge your fitness with these simple 10 minute body weight routines.

Javes makes every workout count, every exercise is meaningful. I have lost 100 pounds since the start of my journey.


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